“Heal Your Spirit Through The Soul Of A Horse”


Individual Therapy Options

Individual EFP Therapy for children (ages 8 – 18) and adults, with prior assessment

Session includes horse – limited space – most insurance’s accepted.

For children; my program is designed to help the many symptoms related to ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities and other childhood disorders. It’s less restrictive and more fun than standard psychotherapy and proven highly effective! Individual sessions allow each child to work closely with the horse allowing the personality of the horse and child to make a connection.

For adults; designed to work through some of the deepest personal issues, my EFP program focuses on the non-verbal social language of the herd in providing immediate and honest feedback to the client. I have had great success with adult symptoms of Anxiety & Depression, Grief & Loss, Addiction, Trauma, PTSD, Eating Disorders and Marital Strife.

Riding with a Surcingle: individual therapeutic riding sessions

Booked by appointment only & prior assessment required.

I am excited to include a unique form of horseback riding to my program; riding with a surcingle. On top of Baron, I lunge clients in a 20-meter circle while they utilize the safety of the handles and padding on the surcingle to remain balanced and secure. The rider experiences bareback riding, but the safety of the handles on the surcingle, and the connection to me via the lunge line, allow security. Open to pre-approved clients of all ages.

Therapeutic Trail Riding: individual or in pairs

Booked by appointment only & prior assessment required.

Come ride the trail for your therapy session – no experience necessary.