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“Heal Your Spirit Through The Soul Of A Horse”


Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Groups

EFP - Women Experiental Training Group

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Our group meets monthly to learn more in-depth about the processes of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and how it can benefit both you – and if you are a mental health professional – your clients.  Our hands-on workshop is perfect for anyone with an interest in learning more about this incredibly powerful emotional healing.  We discuss animal communication and the social language of the herd, human emotional responses & equine responses, the benefits of equine body work for both horses and humans, and whatever anyone presents that given day.

Please contact Judy for an assessment and the next month’s scheduled date.  

What Participants Say About Judy and her EFP Groups

“Judy Weston-Thompson has an abundance and spaciousness as the teacher, leader and guide in the journey to understand Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. Her sensitivity and intelligence make her uniquely effective in helping students understand matters of safety and protection, nurturance, boundaries, communication, and relationship dynamics as it relates to working with a mighty horse.

And it must be said that her co-therapists Caesar, Calysta and Star partner seamlessly, providing countless metaphors and projective material to explore and assess with Judy's guidance. Every session has given opportunity to witness and embrace how this work allows clients to connect the horse's experiences to their own, and convey their feelings and issues in a way that is both dynamic and less daunting than might occur in traditional talk therapy.”