“Heal Your Spirit Through The Soul Of A Horse”




Judy Weston-Thompson,

As my riding skills developed over several years, I began noticing that my affinity for horses far exceeded my desire to become an excellent rider. My passion for riding included having a strong connection to whatever horse I had chosen (or had chosen me) and I was forming partnerships with my horses. Thus, the love of riding had extended to the love of horsemanship. Experiencing my own healing bond with horses combined with my love of doing psychotherapy, it seemed natural to combine the two. However, good ideas take time to evolve. I needed to study the field of EFP and all its components, including the nature of horses and their exquisite power to heal. It was helpful to experience owning several horses and to learn unique lessons from each.

Judy's Curriculum Vitae

Carolyn Jasculca

Yanina Moroz, Equine Partners for Empowerment Workshop

Yanina brings over 20 years of equine experience to this workshop, from Hunter Jumper shows to rehabilitating race horses. Driven by compassion and an intense desire to help people to achieve their goals, develop focus and become more grounded; Yanina holds a masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Organization Development from Sonoma State. This all makes her the perfect compliment to our leadership empowerment workshop.