“Heal Your Spirit Through The Soul Of A Horse”


Horse with client

Equine Insight is the Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy practice of Judy Weston-Thompson.

Why EFP over other classic psychotherapy treatments?

  • EFP provides a genuine interpersonal relationship between horse and participant. Our horses provide immediate, non-judgmental feedback to the client about their relationship with others and how they approach the world around them.
  • Learning the language of the herd (social intelligence) clients begin to develop insight into where they have been mis-communicating with, or misreading others.
  • Practiced all over the world, EFP is the perfect replacement and/or compliment to classic on-the-couch office therapy.
  • A licensed and practicing MFT since 1987, Judy has been incorporating EFP into her full-time practice since 2006.
  • Clinical evidence has proven the healing benefits of EFP for those suffering from depression and anxiety, addiction, trauma, and loss.
  • Our clients have also seen marked improvement in their symptoms of ADD/ADHD, eating disorders and learning disorders.
  • Studies continue to show how EFP promotes self-esteem and self-confidence while improving communication skills, impulse control and problem-solving skills.

Working horse

Experience the beautiful, quiet and profound healing energy of horses while working on your personal needs in our private space on the grounds of Morning Star Farm in Novato.

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For an initial assessment with Judy as to whether EFP is right for you, contact her via phone 415-699-4058, or email her at